Purchase Agreement

       School Purchase Agreement and Examination Guidelines

a) Purchase Rules

When you purchase our exams, the system automatically generates two codes, one is an exam code and the other is your school common code.

Students are required to fill these entries before attempting the exams. Supervising teachers are to be given these codes on the day of the exam.

Each exam code shown in the table above expires by the end of the current school year from the date of this email. The code can be used only once per student within the purchase period of the current school year. Students cannot re-sit the exam.

The system allows the code to be used according to the number of students that the school has indicated will be sitting for an exam.

b) Exam Security and Privacy

We are keeping with the Australian Privacy Act; schools can use student numbers instead of students' names when students are sitting for the exams as our system is catered for this. In this way, no one will be able to know whose data this is. The student report provided to the school by our system will only show their student number on the report instead of their name. Using this method, nobody can store data showing details about the students in the school.

The data is stored in a secure private server, it has 2048-bit rsa security level to secure the unauthorised access. The school data is then deleted from our system after each school year.

c) How can supervising teachers guide the students to sit for an exam?

Before starting an exam

The school head teacher on the day of an exam should provide the supervising teachers with the exam’s unique code which is called “School Exam Code” and another code called “School Common Code”. These codes are found in the purchase table at the start of this email so they can give them to the students at the start of the exam.

d) I) Starting an exam

To start an exam, the supervising teacher should guide the students using the following steps:

1. Go to https://www.learnerleaderonline.com/
2. Click on "Login button on upper right side and than choose School Login"
3. Click on "Login as Student"
4. Click on "Take School Exam"
5. A form will appear. The student is required to fill in their details.
6. Fill in either “Student's First Name” and “Last Name”
or “Student Number” if your school decided to use this option for privacy.

7. Complete the form by filling the required fields:
- “Class Teacher“ name - Students need to complete the registration by entering the name of the teacher correctly, without spelling mistakes, as this will affect the accuracy of the statistical reports.
If there is more than one teacher with the same name (such as two Mrs. Cooke teachers in your school), as a Head Teacher you need to differentiate between them by allocating a number system. For example, Cooke1 , Cooke2
A good way to ensure that there are no mistakes is for the supervising teacher to write on the board:
- “Class Teacher“ name
- “School common code“ and “School exam code“
- “School Name“ (It should be the same as the one entered during registration)
- “Correct Year Group“
The supervising teacher must check that the students have typed all the information written on the board correctly such as Class Teacher name without any mistakes and the codes are correct before students press submit, as this will affect the start of the test and the statistical reports.

8. Press “Submit”

Once all the details are correctly entered, the system will take the student to the next screen where they can select which exam they are going to undertake. For example, if they are sitting for the Literacy exam, they will choose from the Reading Booklet, Language Conventions or Writing Leaflet. For Numeracy exams, they will choose between Calculator and Non-Calculator, according to the teacher’s instructions.

Once students select the exam, it will start, and questions will appear on the left side. Students can start answering, pressing Next to get to the next question. Students are to press Submit when they complete the test, otherwise the exam will end when the time on the clock has ended.

d) II) During an exam: Rules and Security Policy

  • Exam codes are to be kept secure with the school head teacher. The codes must be released only on the day of an exam.
  • All exams must be held strictly only on school premises.
  • An exam code will only be provided to students either by the teacher, the head teacher or the supervising teacher immediately before the start of the exam.
  • All students who sit an exam must be supervised during the exam to prevent the use of any devices to take photos or video recordings of the exam.
  • During the exam, students are not to exit the exam to use the internet because this is a breach of security and the system will not allow them to re-enter the exam. We will not be compensating schools if the students’ exam is terminated due to security breaches.
  • All scrap papers and/or other material used by a student during an exam will be required to be collected by the supervising teachers immediately at the conclusion of the exam.
  • All teachers must ensure that they hand all such material to the Head Teacher who will be able to dispose of and/or retain all material in a strictly confidential manner.
  • Students are to be aware that there is a maximum of five attempts when entering the exam code and school common code when starting an exam. For this reason, it is important that the supervising teacher check that the students are entering the school code and exams correctly.
  • Replacement codes will not be issued to anyone during the purchase period.

e) How to check an exam Results and Reports

After the students sit for the exam, the head teacher can get the results following these steps.

1. Login to your school account
2. You will see on the right side of each exam, “View Result”
3. Click on “View Result”
4. It will have options of “View by Individual student”, “Result by Question” and “Full Analysis of Student Result”. You can select any of these options to get individual or full analysis.

The results for the Numeracy, Reading and Language Conventions papers will be immediately emailed to your inbox with full data analysis. Only student responses for the Literacy Writing paper will be emailed to you as submitted by the students, along with a detailed marking scheme as a guideline, as they need to be marked by the teachers.

The data analysis of Literacy and Numeracy exams allows you and the head teachers of the Mathematics and English departments to view individual student responses to individual questions. Specifically, for each multiple-choice question you will also be able to see a list of the students who answered it correctly and incorrectly, as well as the lists of students who selected each of the incorrect answers.

Students’ individual results are generated in report format from the data analysis. These reports can be given out to students as a way of tracking learning progress.

The questions can also be grouped by the syllabus substrands from which they come or in order, according to the number of students who answered incorrectly or correctly, enabling quick identification of areas of strengths or weaknesses.

f) Feedback and its Access

Students cannot re-sit the exam. However, as we believe in assessment for learning, students are allowed access to review an exam, where they can see their correct and wrong answers only once for half an hour. Full detailed solutions for Numeracy tests are provided to help them learn from their mistakes and improve.

g) I) How the head teacher can get the Review code an exam:

1. Login into your school account
2. You would have received an email containing a review code for an exam when all students have sat for the exam. This code must be given to teachers so that they can arrange for a review session which can be done only a class period of 45 minutes.

g) II) How students can review an exam:

To review an exam, the supervising teacher should guide the students using the following steps
1. Go to https://www.learnerleaderonline.com/
2. Click on “Login” button on upper right side and then choose School Login
3. Click on “Login as Student”
4. Click on “Review Exam”
5. A form will appear. The student is required to fill in their details.
6. Fill in either “Student's First Name” and “Last Name” or “Student Number” depending on the information entered when sitting for the exam.
7. Complete the form by filling the other required fields:
- “School Name” (It should be the same as the one entered during registration)
- “Year Group”
8. Enter “Review code” given by the supervising teacher
9. Press “Submit”

h) Conclusion

Finally, we are confident that our trial papers will be useful and helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your students which will help them achieve higher bands.

We would appreciate any comments or feedback on the exams, and we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any queries, please email: info@learnerleader.com.